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Why Print?

Birthday messages on our newsfeed don't hold a candle to a card in the mail.

Print has revolutionized the way we view brands.

Print engulfs our environment, influencing our actions.

Print allows our voices to be seen.

Print ensures our products are meant for us.

From keyboards to credit cards, print is more than you know.


The Facts:
About Print

Are you aware of the significant role print has in our everyday lives? During the pandemic, the printing of logistics, packaging, labeling, health instructions, and safety related signage has literally been keeping us safe and our economies moving. Discover the facts of print.




Print is a big (and growing) business
There are more print-related businesses in the U.S. than McDonald's and Subway's combined. Print-related companies employ more than 800,000 Americans. A near $1 trillion global print market is on an upward trend, expecting to grow at a rate of 2.24% through 2025.



Print is on the brain
Research has proven that content on paper affects our brains in different an more powerful ways. Content on paper engages viewers for more time, creating a greater emotional response and memory for physical ads. Physical ads cause more activity in brain areas associated with value and desire.




Print is a responsible response to going greenPrint is on the forefront of sustainability practices. Roughly two-thirds of the energy used by paper mills is self-generated. The print industry uses more renewable energy than any other industrial sector, proving why there are more trees on earth today than on the on 1st Earth Day.



Print makes dollars and senseResponse rates for printed direct mail are 37% higher than email marketing. Online campaigns are 400% more effective when combined with print. For marketers, not factoring print into their campaigns is proving too often to be a deal breaker.


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